At that point I got a prescription for (synthetic) HRT, but it didn’t help. No effort was made to adjust the medication – it was a binary take it or leave it situation. 

It’s a strange thing. While all women go through perimenopause and then menopause, the medical community is poorly equipped to provide support and relief. Women experience a wide range of symptoms, and it’s common that neither they nor their doctors put them all together as part of perimenopause. 

The AARP study probed deeper and it seems that up to 80% of general practitioners and ob-gyns are not comfortable dealing with perimenopause or menopause. Menopause is only offered as an option in the curriculum, so it’s not mainstream. All too often, the symptoms of anxiety and mood swings stand out, and that results in a misdiagnosis and a prescription for anti-depressants. 

Finding helpful resources to guide the perimenopause journey can be a lifesaver. I offer several resources to ladies who are interested. I host a Facebook group to build community, and an 8-week online coaching and education program as a way of helping ladies to navigate some of the body changes that come about during perimenopause. There are other excellent resources like the free Balance App provided by Dr. Louise Newson, The Menopause Doctor. 

Have you been disappointed with the help your doctor gave you when you sought his/her help? 

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Are you one of those women who has gone to their doctor for help and support with perimenopause and they have just told you it’s a natural part of aging or that it’s all in your head? Or maybe they gave you a prescription for an antidepressant? Well you aren’t alone. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) did a study and found at 3 out 4 women who seek help for their peri/menopause symptoms from their doctor are not satisfied.

This was also my story. I saw my doctor for my annual check-up and mentioned some common perimenopausal symptoms like unexplained weight gain. I was body shamed and given an outdated diet that was not hormone appropriate. Nothing about perimenopause was mentioned and it didn’t dawn on me until the next year when the hot flashes started.